This Is My Simple Religion

This Is My Simple Religion

Monday, June 26, 2017

"you see a lot of dick"

One of the best things about being sexually attracted to men is that you get to see a lot of dick.
Yet one of the WORST things about being attracted to men is ALSO that you see a lot of dick… and you tend to compare.
I’ve seen all sizes. Thick, veiny monsters. Small, well shaped pricks. And all sorts in between.
I’m not that large my self, but over time I’ve come to embrace who I am and what I’ve been given DESPITE my natural urges to compare to bigger men.
Think of it this way…
If you’re small… that’s great! You can be a wonderful bottom and enjoying feeling used by a hung guy.
And if you’re small and you like to be on top?
That’s also great! Nobody is going to feel intimidated by you and while that might not sound that fun… it’s a great selling point for guys who are giving their ass up for the first time.
And if you’re big?
Well obviously that has it’s advantages. You can take control and be a dominating figure… although please be gentle to start.
And if you like to be bottom, there’s no better feeling for the guy on top than to see your piece flop around as you get pounded.

Basically, what I’m saying is no matter your size, you can have a GREAT time if you choose to own who you are.

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